Friday, November 28, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 11/28/14--Crafts as Gifts

I hope this find that everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend and that your holiday weekend is going well.    Are you out shopping Black Friday?   I'm afraid I would be if I had money, but it seems I can't ever remember that I need to save money throughout the year to have some to try to catch the really good deals!

Black Friday

This week I am continuing to share different things I have made and given as gifts.  I'm sure enjoying sharing them and the memories that go with them.

Just about every adult got a hot pad from me in my early years of quilting.  I think I made these the following Christmas after making all thekids and grandkids quilts.   Guess what....I have made more for this year that I will share in a later post too for this year.

Every year I make up sacks for everyone, both children and adults.   Two years ago I decided to make them more personal and turn them into a family craft event.  The first year I had my youngest daughter help me make them and counted it for some art time in her homeschool.  Last year I pulled out the big table and made it a Saturday evening project with 5 of the grandchildren.   I plan to do the same this year.
We use Christmas cards from years past and then we have the ribbon and stampers.

This actually concludes all of the photos that I had in squidoo lenses.  I have lots of other pictures available to share yet that never made it to a lens, plus gifts from this year, so fear not.  :)

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