Sunday, November 30, 2014

Super Sunday Reviews--Extreme Origami

Extreme Origami
transforming dollar bills into priceless works of art.
By Won Park
ISBN 978-1-93799-402-0
Hardback, 144 pages
Published by Race Point Publishing

Extreme Origami is another book that my children and grandchildren are excited about.
They have had fun in the past making origami creations with dollar bills. They hadn’t seen anything until they seen this book!

Inside Extreme Origami you will find 20 things to fold and make with dollar bills. You will find a butterfly, a tank, a car, a fighter jet, a dragon….even a toilet! (See photo below of the back cover to see each of the 20 designs inside the book)

Each creation has step by step instructions including photos of each step. I do mean step by step. Some of the creations have over 40 steps outlined!

Some creations take just one one dollar bill, others take more than one. The front of the book does include pages that show the terms and symbols.

If you have an origami fan in your house, I am sure they will love this book! Won pays a lot of attention to detail and all designs are his own.


  1. OH wow! That extreme origami is so cool. We used to have a student who did origami, probably at the medium level. He would have loved this.


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