Thursday, October 2, 2014

Writer's Unite 10/2/14

October is upon us.
I had intended to get another of my blog series started and it didn't happen.  I need to kick my writing in to high gear.
I have 2 sponsored blog posts to get written as well.
Tomorrow in my Frugal Friday posts I will be starting a series of gifts that I have made by hand.  Christmas will be upon us quickly.
Today I need to take the time to update my handmade linky page.  I need to delete all posts in there that were squidoo.

Bubblews is caught up with my redemptions now.  I can hope and pray that it stays that way.
There is some disturbing things going on with one person in particular that is really worrisome.  I hope she soon is able to get everything figured out and her accounts back in order.

Time to make my goal list for the day.  I can't wait to see what everyone shares today.


  1. Hey Marsha! Happy to be linking my blog post up with yours this week and I'm also going to share my latest book review published on the Wizzley writing platform.

  2. Marsha, thanks for opening up your linky to all writers from everywhere.


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