Friday, May 9, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 5/9/14

We are back to Spring like weather here in Kansas after a 4 day heat wave.  For myself, I really enjoyed the 97-100 degree temperatures.
It goes from that back to a high of 80 yesterday and a high of 75 today.....and me putting my sweater and jacket back on.
We did get rain last night which was nice.  I don't have to run up our water bills to water the gardens today.

The flower gardens are looking nice.   Usually I only have about 8 or 9 Irises to bloom.  This year I have over 50!
Here is a picture of what is bloomed in the garden out by the front curb:

The food gardens are coming along.  The peas are growing nicely and I put in more seeds this week.
The tomato plants are thriving and starting to flower.
I finally got the cucumber, lettuce, and spinach seeds planted this week.  They are all starting to pop up.
The strawberry plants look good and I hope soon will start having fruit.
I planted too early and then we had a frost and it killed the 4 small bell pepper plants I had bought.  However, 2 of those are greening and leafing up from the bottom, so maybe all isn't lost.  It's just that they are so small that it will be end of summer before they will produce.
The onions are huge.  I used one in goulash the other night, freezing what I didn't use.  I need to get out and pick and freeze the rest of the onions.  The tops are out to replant.
I will try to remember and get food garden pictures for next week and give another report.

How has your frugal week been?

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