Friday, November 22, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Linky Party 11/22/13

It's a cold morning here in Kansas.  Looks like we've gone from fall to winter.
One thing that I am not frugal about is the heat in my house.  I get cold so easily.  I do have my long johns on as well as a turtleneck under my sweatshirt too.
I really did try to keep the furnace at a lower than normal temp....and I know that I really should keep it lower.  I just don't want to also sit here wrapped in a blanket too.

We are blessed that we do have the choice on the warmth as some don't.  In the summer our gas bill is so low.....usually only around $20 a month.  The electric bill is what is up then when we run the central air.   Not too bad though since I do get cold easily we keep our thermostat set on 80 or 82 in the summer.
No, I don't keep it on that for the winter, just in case you were wondering.  LOL   It is on 76 though.  I'm going to put it down a degree or 2 and see if I can take it.

We've been having trouble financially because of everything that goes out for mortgage, loans, and utilities.  Again, things we've not been frugal on.   Hubby and I really need to work on paying down the debt.......and then not taking out any more loans.

We do only have one credit card with a low limit.  However, hubby is in charge of that.  It's usually almost always to that limit and he rarely pays more than the minimum payment each month.  It's been without interest, but that ends at the end of the year.   I wish he had never gotten it and that I could get him to understand.  Wish me luck there!

I recently took out my copy of The Tightwad gazette: Promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle
again and started reading it from the front of the book.  I'm in hopes that if hubby sees me doing all these other things to live a simple and frugal life that he will follow suit and think before he spends.

Next week I want to talk about Christmas in my Frugal Friday post.

I hope you will link up your frugal/simple living type posts this week and motivate me as well as others.  Thanks!!

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