Friday, November 8, 2013

Frugal Friday WIth Marsha--Linky Party 11/8/13

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by!

How many of you have watched the show Extreme Cheapskates on TLC?

I sat the other night and watched a few episodes.  Wow is all I have to say.  No, that's not all I have to say.

There are some great ideas to be taken from the show.  For example:
*Making good use of leftover food. 
*Saving on funeral costs.
*Tracking your uses of water, gas and electricity.
*Finding alternative ways to heat water and cook your food.
*Shopping thrift stores, pawn shops, craigslist, etc.
*"Dumpster Diving" for items you need (I once carpeted my whole house this way)
*Entering contests and giveaways.
*Being creative in finding venues for hosting parties. (We used our church basement for my daughter's 16th birthday)
*Free samples for things you use every day.
*Making homemade items--cleaners, laundry soap, jellies, etc.

Then there are the ideas that are even too over the top for this frugal chick:
*Sharing a toothbrush---omg, use a coupon and a sale and get them free!
*The entire family using the same bath water--I love my family, but eewwww
*Using newspaper for toilet paper---won't that leave newsprint on your bottom?
*Going to a buffet restaurant, paying for 3 and feeding 6?---what restaurant would even allow this?
*"Dumpster Diving" for food----I'm in the middle on this one.  When I worked as a lunch aide, I often took home milk from the dumpster.  For some reason the guy who delivered milk would dump the about to expire into our dumpster.  Of course we took it out as soon as he drove off and put it in the fridge.  And, if it's food in a package, unopened, I would take it too.
*Stalking weddings to pick up the rice, then go home and cook it.
*Using a lantern rather than turning on the light.----This can make sense if it's an oil lamp or something that doesn't take batteries.  On the episode I seen this, it appeared her lamp was battery powered as she turned it off with a switch.  I can't see this as any huge savings since there is the cost of the batteries (Even though, again, with coupons and sales, you can get good deals on batteries)

These really are just a few examples from the shows.  What are your thoughts?

Now it's your turn to link up any frugal type posts you have done this week too  :)


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