Friday, April 19, 2013

Frugal Friday with Marsha--Uses for Epsom Salts

Happy Friday!
The sun is shining and it's already warmer out this morning than it was all day yesterday.  Maybe, just maybe spring will finally really be here??
I'm itching to get our garden going!

This past week I found myself at Walgreen's to buy a photo album for quilt guild.  I decided while I was there that it was time for me to get back into my register rewards shopping.  One of the items this week on the sale was a bag of Morton Epsom Salts for $4 and you got back the same $4 in a Register Reward to use towards your next shopping trip.
I've redeemed some of my points at for a $10 Walgreen's card to also help me get back in the swing of shopping there.

I've posted in the past from the 99 Cent Solutions book on the uses for Epsom Salts, but wanted to post again.  Mostly for my own benefit  :)    Did any of the rest of you go for the deal at Walgreen's as well this week?

Uses for Epsom Salt:
1.  Salt your bathwater--Add 2 cups pf Epsom salt to a tub full of warm water and soak for a few minutes.  Do this to get rid of rough patches of skin.  After soaking, finish the job by rubbing additional salt on the rough spots.

2.  Help stop stinky feet--Everyone knows that soaking your feet in Epsom salt can relieve sore feet.  Did you also know that doing so twice a day for 15 minutes each time will also make your feet sweat less and smell less?  Just add 2 cups to 2 gallons of water in a container such as a bucket or dishpan.

3.  Get rid of the itch--Soaking in a tub of Epsom salt will ease the itch of poison ivy.  Check the label for soaking instructions.

4.  Stop splinters--make a paste of Epsom salt and water and apply to the area where the splinter is.  In about 10 minutes the paste will pull the splinter to the surface.  This also works for insect stingers. Even a luxurious Epsom salt bath will help draw the splinter or stinger.

5.  Relish your roses--Sprinkle half a cup of Epsom salt around the base of your rose bush in early spring and in the fall.  After the leaves appear and again when the roses appear, spray them with a mixture of 1 tablespoon Epsom salt per gallon of water.  This will make for healthier roses----gardeners swear by it!

6.  Get rid of raccoons--Sprinkle a few tablespoons of Epsom salt around your trashcan to drive them away.  Remember to reapply after it rains. 

(Now I do wish that I had gone back and bought a second bag---and I just still may do so while I am out that way today)


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