Friday, April 12, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Estate Sale

First thing this morning I went out to an estate sale.  Estate sales are my favorite.  You seem to find the better deals at them.  I like how you can buy a box full of something.

This sale was advertised as Ladies Only estate sale---Crafts, quilting, fabrics, etc.  You know I had to go!  I told my husband it could be dangerous.  After all, really, I have enough supplies in my craft room to keep me busy for the next 4 or 5 years at least, and that is if I work everyday on things.

Here is what I purchased:
Paper doilies .25  (Always use these making home made Valentine's)
Bells .25   ( I put these inside baby blocks that I make with plastic canvas)
Miniature tea set  .50  (just for fun for one of my granddaughters that I have over every other weekend by herself.)
Teddy Bear corduroy  $3
Maroon soft fabric  $3  (these 2 items will become a blanket for my new grandson on the way)
Green netting  .25  (I make dish scrubbies with this)
Crocss Stitch kit  .50   (I will give this to my sister in law)
Blue Christmas print and border (I hope to make 2 wall hanging out of this)  .50
Watermelon Apron print fabric $1 (hope to make myself an apron)
Thread spool holder $1  (I just thought this was cool to put my thread spools on)
Sunflower print fabric   .50 (I hope to make a wall hanging with this)
Bag of Misc trims  .50 (I have some projects I have idea for)
Box of plastic canvas sheets  $1  (I make cross magnets, the baby blocks and coasters with this---sad part is that I had actually run out and just yesterday used some of my amazon earnings to order some!  Don't you hate when that happens?  Oh well, I do have plenty now!)
3 bandanas  .75  (I am in hopes of making a dress with these for my oldest granddaughter)

Total:  $13     I didn't think this was bad at all!  I was just gathering things without adding.

It's yard sale season you go and look for bargains?
Another type of garage sale I look for are the ones that are held at churches.  They also tend to have the lower pricing. about those neighborhood sales??  Wow!

However, how many times are you guilty of buying things that you don't really need?  I would say more often than not.    I don't know anyone who is not guilty of this!
I do tend to look specifically for items like I bought today----craft items.  

I remember last year hitting one of the neighborhood sales.  This was blocks and blocks of sales.  I only spent $30 total at over 50 sales, but most of what I bought, I just did not need.  Well.....did I need ANY of it?  Yeah, probably not.  I did end up with fabrics and other craft items, most of which I have used now.  I also bought a small tv with built in DVD player for my daughters room.  (I figured that alone was worth the $30 total that I spent)  I think I bought 20 VHS movies.  I bought books and toys and candles and more.  Yes, I got far more than my money's worth!!  One thing I bought is the binder that I use for my coupons---paid just .50 for it---seen the exact same binder at Walmart on markdown for $7.    I picked up what I thought was 2 ink cartridges for my printer--got home and found they were empty cartridges.  However, the people had given the cartridges to me, so all was good---and I mailed in them in to the Lexmark exchange program towards free ink.

Do you have any garage sale stories to tell?

I look forward to your link ups this week. 

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