Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday--Challenge, Puffs and Savers

Oh my!  I'm working on a rather large crochet order right now, but I snuck in some sewing time to have something quilt related to also share in this week's post.

I didn't do a post last week....didn't think I had enough to report.  However, last week was work day at quilt guild.  We are making pillowcases this year for our community project.  They are being given to local foster care children.  Our guild goal is 200.  We almost has that many turned in and completed on the one day.  I sewed up 3 and gave one that was already made up.  I wish I had gotten photos, but my thinker doesn't think so well these days with so much going on.

I worked this week on my challenge for quilt guild.  It's interestingly busy.  This is my lay out for a wall hanging, which will match the table runner top that I have previously shared.
Now, about this crochet order.  I am making 15 soap savers and 5 bath puffs for Sherry's Lavishing Soap & Bath.  She is going to have my work in combination with her homemade soaps.  So cool!    
I have made the soap savers, but had to adjust my pattern to fit her soaps.  I've never made bath puffs before.  She sent me several different patterns she found online.  I adjusted and adapted between 3 of them to come up with the one that is completed in the multi-colors.  So fun!
She emailed yesterday to add 15 washclothes to her order as well.  What will I be doing this next week?  A world of crocheting, that's what!
I have a bag packed with UFO's that I planned to take to sit n' sew this Friday at the quilt shop.......I think I better crochet those 4 hours instead.  The group won't care what I bring to work on, it's more about the visiting than what we are accomplishing while we visit.  :)

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