Friday, December 21, 2012

Frugal Friday With Marsha--linky included

Happy Holidays!   How are you doing getting prepared for Christmas?   I should be done by the time the day is over.
However, I find myself feeling guilty that I don't plan on baking this year.  Everyone, I'm sure, expects me to give each family the usual box of goodies.  I'm just thinking.......I don't have time!  It's not fun without the kids in the kitchen with me helping and keeping me company.   I may change my mind over the weekend, depending on if I get my sewing and crochet crafts completed.

I'm very pleased with the gifts we've gotten.  I didn't buy anything that wasn't on sale, clearance, or used a coupon for.  I didn't buy anything that wasn't combined with both a sale and a coupon.  I had hoped for an almost completely hand made Christmas.   I procrastinated when I should have started in January on my gifts.

The hand made Christmas sacks are done.  They are all almost completely filled once I get these last few crafts completed.
Here is a picture of the bags my daughter and I made before filling them:

If you have any posts anywhere (not just blog posts) that are about homemade/handmade gifts, please share them on my Handmade 2012 Linky page here on my blog.  I have the linky set to close Dec. 31st.  There are lots there, but I want to see more and more and more added.   I want lots of inspiration!     Thanks!

This week from the 99 Cent Solutions book, I am sharing 5 uses for petroleum jelly.

1.  Petroleum jelly spells relief.  You know that it relieves chapped lips, but did you know that if you put it under your nose it will relieve alleriges?  It traps the pollen before it gets a chance to enter your nostrils.

2.  Paint perfectly.  Coast your door hinges and handles with petroleum jelly when you paint that door.  The paint won't stick to it so you won't have to take the time to remove the fixtures before painting.  Just wipe it clean once you are done painting.

3.  Keep the glue from gluing the lid.  Isn't it frustrating when the glue works a little too well and you can't remove the glue cap when you need to?  Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the cap's threads to prevent this.

4.  Protect cuts and scrapes.  Apply a thin layer to your cut.  It will soften the scab, which will stop you from wanting to pick at it.  It also protects the scraped skin.

5.  Plunger help.  If your plunger isn't working up to it's normal standard, just cover the rim with a thick coating of petroleum jelly.  It will give you a tighter seal and better suction.

Your turn to share!

Merry Christmas to all!


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