Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Homeschool Journal--US Government

Again we have been lacking in getting schoolwork done.....or at least what I think we should be getting done.

With the elections last week we spent a LOT of hours with US Government.
We bought a workbook called Elections, Elections, Elections and worked through it a bit.  Jasmine did a lot of studying on her own about the candidates and government in general.
On election day we had the tv on to CSPAN for hours.  She learned about the electoral college among other things.
Of course the entire evening and on until about midnight we watched the election results.

She even did US Government through the SW Advantage software.

She is asking me if she can call it good for US Government.   I would say pretty much so.

Otherwise this last week we did a lot of math.   I know she did some other things--US History, Grammar, Vocabulary, Home Ec,  and the usual Bible study and such that is every week.

This week so far we are right on track....ok, so we've only had Monday.  We ripped through all of the subjects yesterday and I am crossing my fingers that we can stay on track.  We are out all day today, but she will take her laptop with us and work in the SW Advantage software on various subjects.

I still need to finish adding up hours and see just where she is on high school credits.

I know this is pretty boring without photos so I will try to work on that for future weeks.

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