Friday, November 16, 2012

Frugal Friday With Marsha Link Up

The other day Amazon sent me an email with suggested items for me. They are all books on Frugal Living. I want to read them all! I thought sharing them with you all in my Frugal Friday blog post would fit right in.

Now, on to sharing from the 99 Cent Solutions book. This week I am sharing 4 uses for lotion.

1. Hand lotion for your hair. If you are having a super bad hair day with dry hair, just rub your hands with hand lotion and then run your hands through your hair.

2. Shine your shoes. Just rub a little hand cream over your shoes, buff it off, and they will have a brand new shine.

3. Trouble with getting shocked? They say that if you put body lotion on your body and then continually put hand lotion on throughout the day, you will avoid those electricity shocks during the winter.

4. Help for hangnails. Just rub hand or body lotion into your cuticles daily to keep those troublesome area soft and help to prevent future hangnails.

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