Friday, October 26, 2012

Frugal Friday With Marsha--10/26/12

I apologize for my absence in my Frugal Friday postings. Things are still wild around our house.

I've been working on 2 things when I am home.....working on my unfinished craft projects (and working hard at not starting something new!).....and attempting to declutter and re-organize this house. It does not pay to let yourself get behind, or to let stuff pile up.

People give us a lot of things, which is appreciated, but I've not been putting them away as they come in. The main problem may be that we just don't have places for everything. In that case I need to find a place, or we don't need it.

This week from the 99 Cent Solutions book I am sharing ways to use hairspray. Hairspray has so many different uses, that this will be continued to next week as well.

1. Preserve your bouquet. Spray the underside of cut flowers, leaves, and petal with hairspray to prolong their life. Stand a foot away for best results.

2. Stop static cling. If your pants or skirts or dresses are getting a little too friendly, spritz the underside with hairspray and it will stop the cling. You can also spray the hairspray on a paper towel and then rub it on the inside of your clothes.

3. Zip it up. If your zipper refuses to stay shut, put the item on, zip the zipper shut and coat the teeth with hairspray, using a cotton swab to apply it. The hairspray will act like invisible glue.

4. Remove ink. Spray hair spray on your clothing with ink stains before laundering. Make sure the ink has indeed disappeared before drying.

5. Thread a needle. Spritz the end of your thread with hairspray to stiffen it. It makes it easier to push through the needle.

6. Take care of bug bit itch. Squirt some hairspray on those bug bites and the itching and stinging will subside.

7. Stop runs in pantyhose. Spray the run with hairspray and stop it in it's tracks.

Your turn! Inspire me, and others, by sharing frugal blog posts you have done recently.

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