Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday--Progress Made

Well, I set myself a goal of working on things that were already started, and I did pretty well.

I did finish three of the soap savers I was crocheting, but haven't listed them in etsy yet.  I'm almost done with another one, and  have yarn to crochet 3 more.  Here is one of them in white:
 I got my granny a day 2012 challenge blanket caught up to date.  It's day 172 today.   I'm so itching to just get this done, but just think, the year isn't quite half way over.
 I ran out of pink thread while working on the flowered string quilt, but did make progress.  I have 6 more squares to sew together and cut to size for the final row.  The middles of the last 2 rows are at least pinned and ready to sew.  I won't be out and about to buy more thread until Friday.  I would love to finish this before next Wednesday, but I have loads of things going on starting Saturday, including Bible school all of next week.  If you notice in the picture, I picked up another little cubby storage unit, which is still in the box.   Hubby will put it together for me today and I will work a little more on getting my craft room organized.

 I got all of the squares cut for this quilt for sewing club at church.  Let the fun of piecing it together begin!  As I said though, super super busy week coming up so I just don't know if I will get anything done at all.  In fact, I doubt I do a post next week.

 I worked on completing a hot pad and coaster set that I started, but didn't take a picture.  I can at least get those finished by next week just working on them while I'm also on the computer.
I hope to finish up this toothbrush rug that I started months ago too.  Those are my 2 goals for the next week.

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