Friday, June 22, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--4 Uses for Adhesive Bandages

Here we are to Friday again already. It's been the usual busy week for me.
I started this new routine for housecleaning that I found online, but have failed. I've only done 2 days out of 5. My priorities aren't in order as far as what comes first is the basic problem. I'm a lot more concerned with my computer and my crafts over what the house looks like----that is until I take my blinders off and really look around.

I plan on going to yard sales tomorrow. I'm just not really sure if I should. Do I really need to bring more stuff home? Then again, I might find just the storage I am looking for, or craft materials cheap. (sigh) I will have to try to give a yard sale report once we get back home.

I started reading The Tightwad Gazette book. Oh gosh, it's been on my shelf for ages, but with so many books coming in for review I hadn't ever gotten around to reading it. It's 20 years old but still vital information for anyone wanting to live a simple, frugal life.

I also started watching a tv series through Hulu called Simple Living with Amanda Urbanska. Wonderful show! I'm even taking notes to build something on it later.

This week from the 99 Cent Solutions book I am sharing 4 ways to use adhesive bandages.

1. Test for allergies. You can test that new perfume, lotion, or other product to see if you are allergic to it by applying just a bit inside your wrist or elbow and then covering it with a bandage. Let it sit for 24 hours, remove the bandage and check your skin.

2. Stick it to your skin. Use an adhesive bandage whenever you need to stick something to your skin. For example, you can get rid of a wart by soaking a cotton ball in vinegar and applying it to the wart for 2 hours each day. Tape won't hold that cotton ball in place, but a bandage will.

3. Test your painting power. Before painting a large area, test your walls with an adhesive bandage. Paint a small, clean, inconspicuous spot with the paint you plan to use and let it dry for 2 days. Put a bandage over the area, then strip it off. If the paint comes off then you need to clean the walls more or use a better primer....if not, then get to work!

4. Protect your fingertips. Thimbles save wear and tear of your fingers while sewing, but are too rigid for some sewers to work with. Ditch the thimble and put an adhesive bandage on your fingertip instead. You'll get the protection without the resistance. (I've done this before, but because my fingertips were getting sore. I need to remember to start out with the bandage!)

I hope to see many of you linking up this week. Hopefully I will get it in gear and start sharing my coupon shopping trips and such again. I will share a few of my grocery buys this past week:

1. The store has a buy 5 items get an additional $5 off your order. Juicy Juice is part of the deal. It's on sale for $2.79, so $1.79 each after the buy 5 deal. I had 2 coupons for $1 off 2 bottles, and if you bought 4 bottles you received a $2.50 catalina coupon to use on your next shopping trip. I needed one more item for the 5 items, so I chose a Beneful meaty meal for .88 after discount.
I spent $6.04 for 4 juices and 1 dog food plus received the $2.50 to use later.

2. I used that $2.50 catalina to get 2 half gallons of milk, which are on sale for $1.25 each half gallon. I paid .20 sales tax is all.

3. Farmland Deli Style hot dogs were on sale for just $1 a package (normally $2.29). I went to and signed up for their email newsletter to receive a printable coupon for .55. I printed 2 from my computer. I then had my husband sign up for the newsletter and we printed 2 more coupons. I bought 4 packages of a good hot dog for just a total of .18 sales tax!

4. Other free foods this week included 6 bags of Pillsbury Bagettes chips that I will soon have a review and giveaway up on my blog----2 bags of Jerky Direct jerky (my autoship is covered by my downline)---and 4 boxes of Dr. Lucy's cookies that I won in a blog giveaway. If I can keep this up, at least we won't go hungry!

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