Sunday, May 6, 2012

SIS--Sharing In Squidoo--This Week I Feature VAllain


This week for sharing in squidoo, I would like to feature a squidoo lensmaster.  I plan to alternate between a lensmaster and a subject.

I want to highlight lensmaster VAllain   Virginia has become one of my mentors at squidoo.  She has over 500 lenses!  I can not imagine!

Many of her lenses are plain helpful to other lensmasters like these:
Easy Updates for Squidoo Lenses
What I Learned about Squidoo This Week
Newbie Lens-Making Mistakes on Squidoo

With over 500 lenses, she has plenty of lenses of interest for everyone!  Here are just a few more that I would like to share today:
Crafts from Rags or Yarn
Vintage Household Hints
Making Gift Basket--Ideas and Supplies
Too Much Stuff, Too Much Clutter?

I am still busy updating away---no easy task for sure.  This week I am going to share my top ranked lens.  I am hoping to at least see it in tier 1 for a little bit as I've never had one there yet.
Helen Steiner Rice

Until next week I want to thank lensmaster Ruthi for putting together this blog hop.  I look forward to seeing who or what other lensmasters highlight each week.  Click the button at the top of my post for all the information and to hop along.

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