Thursday, April 26, 2012

Squidoo Hopping--Have You Learned Something New This Week?

I don't think that I specifically learned anything new this week.  I'm still fighting to figure out about photo attribution and what photos are ok to share.

Here is what I need an answer to please----if I see a photo on a regular website (not flickr etc) how do I find out if I can share it?  Sometimes the person that wrote the page will have a photo attribution that I could copy.  Most of the time there isn't anything saying where they got the photo from.  I've tried right clicking for properties, but it doing so tells me anything about the photo for attribution I'm not seeing it.

I'm having a hard time even finding photos that I want on flickr that aren't All Rights Reserved meaning I can't share them without the specific consent of the person who took it.  That's fine, as most would probably allow me to use them in lenses.....however, I want the photo NOW, not wait until I get approval.  In those cases I have removed the photo I had and added a flickr module.

I've still been busy updating lenses here and there and have built at least one new one since last weeks post.  I have one more to build and then to update my lensography before I apply for Giant Squid 50.  Wish me luck!  I'm still working on getting in to update the This Day in History lenses for citings and attributions.  I have to complete what I have built already before building any new ones.

I also have quite a few more lenses to do updates on before getting them a page in my new alphabetical notebook.  It's been great though being this active with squidoo.  I look forward to May's payday to see how I do, but mostly waiting for June's payday to see if my work is paying off.  I didn't start the updating until later in March when Virginia put up her challenge.

That's my news for this week.  I look forward to seeing your lenses linked up this week  :)


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