Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skewered Halo by Brenda Youngerman--Book Review

Skewered Halo by Brenda Youngerman
ISBN 978-1618974280

I've previoiusly had the honor or reading 3 other books by Brenda Youngerman.  I do enjoy her style of writing.  Brenda writes in a style and reels you right in to the story.  You don't want to put the book down because you just have to know what will happen next.

This book starts out just like the other 2 I have read.  Chapter one starts out and the end of the story.....well, almost the end.  Chapter 2 takes you back to the beginning of the story and you are lead through until the end chapter which reveals the outcome.

In Skewered Halo we meet Diane.  In chapter one her mom and dad are leaving after spending some time with her in time of crisis.  After they are gone she is left alone in her house, with memories.  We don't know more than the fact that her husband and children have disappeared.

Then, we had to chapter 2 and Diane's birth.  Diane's older sister, Brittany, was 3 years old when she was born.  Brittany resented her from the time of her birth and all through life.
She had a secluded type childhood being told by her sister that she wasn't a part of the family and believing it.

And such is life for Diane and she grows up, graduates high school and heads to college.  Nothing is ever anything but strange through her whole adult life.

I found this to be a novel of mystery, suspense and murder!  As stated above it's a must to keep reading just to see what is going to happen next---who ends up missing next----how many are going to end up dead along the way---who is committing all of the murders.

Nope, I'm not going to have any spoilers here telling you what happens in the final few chapters.  I will say that I was in  shock.  I finished the book and all I could say was WOW!  30 minutes later I was still saying WOW! And, I even woke up in the morning with the book still on my mind and saying WOW!

Recommended reading in my opinion.  In fact, I recommend reading all of Brenda's books. 

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Disclosure:  I rec'd Skewered Halo is pdf format to read for the purpose of my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.


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