Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Homeschool Journal--Getting Back in to the Swing of Things....

......or at least I hope we are! We've had a rough year (2012) with so many different things going on (a wedding, funerals, etc) that we've not gotten in many days that I call full school days. A full school day to me consists of getting out all of the books for all of the subjects and working in each one.

We have yet to have a full day of schoolwork since her return from England, but at least we can say we've touched every subject at least twice per week. It's towards the end of the school year and we do have some books we want to finish. Math and devotions are the only 2 things we have done daily.

Hubby and I ordered her a bunch of workbooks for next year. I have loved Hayes Publishing since I learned about them years ago from another homeschool mom. The workbooks are small but you do have to do some research to find the answers. Each workbook does come with answer pages and a little more info. We bought her a new laptop so she will have access to internet to help her find answers.

One thing with me is that there are just too many times when I am busy. I need to be sewing for my craft business....I'm off doing things for my mom....there are church activities....and I've even taken a little part time job twice a week. With the workbooks she will be able to do a lot of work on her own. Of course I still will be working with her a lot. I would miss it if I didn't!

Below is a photo of the workbooks we chose between the 3 of us. You can see there is a wide variety of learning. We spent $94 with shipping.

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