Friday, March 2, 2012

Frugal Friday Link-Up--Nine Uses for Salt

Good Friday Morning to all!
It's been one busy week and doesn't look like my days are going to change any time soon.  :(
My daughter was married this past Wednesday on February 29.  It was a pretty frugal wedding as far as weddings go...although in my book they spent a fortune.  It's ok though, my daughter wanted what would be her dream wedding.

Today I am sharing 9 uses for salt from the 99 Cent Solutions book:

1.  Salvage a pan--  Salt will bring your pan back into service from the baked-on or burned food.  Sprinkle salt heavily on the stuck-on food and dampen it with a little water.  Let it sit until the food lifts right off the pan, then wash.

2.  Clean up a bubble-over--  Sprinkle salt thickly on the spill inside your oven while it's still liquid.  This also works for messy boil-overs on the stove top.  When the salted area cools, wipe it right away with a sponge.

3.  Get dishwasher stains off glassware--  Spots on your glasses, Pyrex, mixing bowls, etc can be very stubborn, but they are no match for salt.  Mix one cup salt and 1 quart of vinegar and soak the glassware overnight.  Rub it off and wash as usual. 

4.  Clean fish easily--  Sprinkle salt on that freshly caught fish before you descale it.  The scales will flick off faster.

5.  Polish your griddle--  Pour a few tablespoons of salt on the cold clean griddle and polish firmly with a paper towel.  Discard and wipe before heating.  The freshly polished surface will prevent your pancakes from sticking. (Does anyone know if this will work on a non-stick griddle  Hubby used Pam on our griddle and now the surface is sticky.)

6.  Chase cabbage worms away--  Mix 1 part salt and 2 parts flour and dust it around the cabbages every few days as harvest approaches.  This will stop the cabbage worms in their tracks.

7.  Whip cream higher--  Add just a tiny pinch of salt to a bowl of whipping cream to make it whip higher and fluffier.  Do the same with egg whits and with eggs you are whisking for scrambled eggs.  They will be fluffier.

8.  Stop a sudsy disaster--  If your child likes to help you with the dishes or laundry and puts in too much soap (or if you accidentally do this yourself) just sprinkle salt on the emerging bubbles and and they will subside quickly and clean up fast.

9.  Kill poison ivy--  Dissolve 3 pounds of sidewalk salt in a gallon of water and add a squirt of dish liquid.  Saturate the plant and it's roots.  It will soon be gone.

I hope to see lots of link-ups this week.  Motivate me and others!


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