Thursday, July 21, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 7/21/11

Thursday snuck right up on me this week.

I've been in and out of squidoo this week a lot, but sure didn't get anything built or updated. Well, I did update one lens.

I'm still checking out Fotolia, which I am having lots of fun. With the free 30 day membership they gave me I can download up to 5 photos per day. I'm having fun looking up words of interest like coupons, crafts, crochet, etc. I am getting photos saved that I will use in my lenses and in my blog. Be on the look out for my review because 3 of my lucky readers who comment will also win a 30 day membership!

Ok, I played around a little in my Pop Tarts Vs. Toaster Strudel lens. This was a Rocketmoms challenge once to make a comparison lens. I didn't do well with it, but sure couldn't think of anything else to compare. I doubt I do another comparison lens.

Here are a couple of lenses that are in the pink that can use views to move up.
This Day in History February 1 and
Crash! by Mayra Calvani

Alrighty....I hope to see lots hook up this week. I really appreciate those of you that are working to help me get the word out about the hop. Thanks!

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