Friday, July 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing--Week 30 (Week 7 for Me)

I say week 7 for me, but the first week I didn't complete anything.  I also didn't complete anything last week.
With my wedding tomorrow evening I wouldn't have completed anything this week, except for the fact that we are having company over all throughout the day tomorrow.

One of my projects was to clean off Steve's desk.  Let's bear this in mind.  We had a drawer in the hallway with nothing in it yet.  That drawer now has all those misc. papers in it that you see in the before photo.  In other words, those papers still need to be looked through and organized in some way.

This is related to this week's topic over at orgjunkie, which is organizing school papers.

 After: (ignore my sandals still on the floor  LOL)
 Now if I could just get my own desk done.  I still have a couple other organizing projects I set up for myself after I see the challenge.  Click the button below to go to orgjunkies blog and see what others have been organizing and de-cluttering this past week.
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