Thursday, July 28, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 7/28/11

Good Thursday to all! I hope you've had a good squidoo week. I've been in and out as usual.
I only got one lens updated this week. My daughter sent me a youtube video of her boyfriends son giving instructions on making some Lego Linkies. So, I added it to my Legos lens. I know at least Ruthi has already seen it.

Have you all joined the Spotted Squids group on facebook? I'm glad that Ruthi invited me in to the group and let me know about it. It's a great place to post links to your lenses and get more exposure, get help you need, and make new friends.

I'm going to call this good for this week's post. Never know, one of these weeks I might surprise you and just get loads done in squidoo!


  1. I'm sure you're busy with wedding plans this week m'dear one!

    Spotted Squids is great for keeping in touch with other Lensmasters and forming friendships.

    Sorry I don't have a hop post ... yet!

  2. Just visited your lego site and really enjoyed seeing your step grandson make his little lego guys. Having that personal touch to a lens makes them even sweeter.

    Just joined Spotted Squids. See you there and thanks for hosting this Blog Hop.

  3. So funny that you posted a Lego lens this week. My boys love legos, and my oldest comes up with some really great ones. He watches me work on my lenses, and I asked him if he might want to make a lens about his legos! He's doing the lens mostly by himself...I'm giving him suggestions and editing for spelling and such, and helping him take videos and putting them on YouTube for him. We haven't published it yet, but he's really proud of what he did already.

    Anyways, I showed both the older boys your lego lens and he they really liked it.

  4. (Oops...they really liked it!)


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