Monday, May 30, 2011

Mailbox Monday 5/30/11

This must have been magazine week!   I'm not even going to list them all  LOL  You can see them in the photo.
Other than magazines, all I got this week was:
Folger's Sample
Home Depot Garden Club flyer
Flyer with coupons from Kimberly-Clark with the Cars 2 promotion
I got quite a bit of hausernet mail still at my mom's house so I'm not sure when that will stop since changing my address with them, but I'm getting mail from them here as well and inputting in to 2 accounts for the moment.

In my email:
paypal for a craft order
$2.26 paypal from ICS (instant cash sweepstakes)
$5 amazon from swagbucks

Frugal Friend
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