Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday 4/20/11

Good Wednesday to all! The weather has gotten chilly here again this week. The are saying sun for Easter and I sure hope so!

I'm still busy with numerous crafts all at one time.

I'm on a project of using up all of my varigated yarn and crocheting it in to the double thick hot pads. Half that I make I am donating to the craft table at the church fundraising sale at church in June. The other half will be out in our garage sales, but any that are sets of 2 will also be listed in my etsy store.

In the craft room I am still sewing together the strip quilt squares for sewing club at church. I am also still working on sewing together the fabric bags. They will be listed in my etsy store as I get them completed. I only get in to sew maybe 15 minutes a day it seems, but that's better than no time at all.

I'm also still working on the toothbrush rug that I am making for the basement floor. I'm anxious to know how large it will be with just the strips I saved out to make it with. I'm sure not near as big as I need it to be. Again, I only work on it a little each day.

I'm including the Every Day Crochet button as she is the host of this blog hop. However, she's not been posting WIP posts on her blog the past couple of weeks or so as she works on another challenge. Please feel free to hop on over to her blog anyway!

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