Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 4/16/11

Good Saturday morning to all! Sorry I've not been here for this post again for a couple of weeks. Saturday before last we had a garage sale. I did pretty well, at least for me! I intended to do a post last week even though I didn't have anything new to announce.

I'm working on a lot of projects all at once. I'm making strip quilt squares for the church sewing club. I'm crocheting double thick hot pads---half will be donated to my church for a fundraising craft sale, the other half will most likely be put out in our garage sales, but I might list some on etsy too. I'm in the midst of getting fabric bags sewn. I'm also making a rug for our basement floor. Since I jump around and take turns working on it all each day....takes awhile to complete anything. I also have a quilt that needs to be finished.

I completed 2 fabric bags this past week and they are now listed in my etsy store. Unfortunately, the price of fabric has gone up, so all new bags will be listed at a higher price. Still way under competing pricing for hand made items however.


Please join us at Shop Hop Saturday by clicking the button below. Thanks to Ruthi with abitosunshine for being our gracious host.
 Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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