Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday 3/30/11

We are still getting settled in here at the craft room is getting closer to being unpacked and organized...although that may be a never ending process.  I'm sharing my progress video below.
I'm also sharing a photo of my current project which is making 3 bags for an order, then I have materials to make 5 more bags as well.

My daughter wants to have a garage sale here this Friday and Saturday.  Yep...major WIP going on today as we sort through the totes and boxes that got moved in to the garage.  As far as my own yard sale items, no problem, as they are all boxed up in one place in the garage.  The hardest work is just to get the tables up and such.

Please click the button below and join us for WIP Wednesday.  Thanks to Every Day Crochet for hosting the linky each week.

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