Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Win an Alarm Clock that Shakes You Awake - without waking others!

The shrill sound of the morning alarm can be a cruel punishment – especially for your significant other, sibling or roommate who don’t have to rise and shine as early as you.  Now you can brush up your bedside manners with the most considerate of wake-up devices – the AMPLICOM TCL 200 (  This digital alarm clock comes with a wireless shaker pad that is placed under your pillow and set to vibrate – not ring – at the appointed time.

If you happen to sleep solo, you have the option to choose one of several ringtones with or without the shaker.  The clock even has a dual alarm time setting so you program different alarm times simultaneously, and can be programmed to sound/vibrate only on weekdays, only on weekends, or every day.  The TCL 200 retails for $124.95.

1. Visit and fill out the information
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The drawing is on April 15, 2011

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