Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 3/26/11

Did you miss me Shop Hopping these past few weeks? I knew I would miss the Saturday that we moved.  I didn't intend to miss the following 2 Saturday's as well  :(

We've been in our new house 3 weeks today and it feels wonderful!  It also feels like we've lived here for years instead of just weeks.  That's the thing I love about this it felt like home before we even moved in.

I've been staying busy, which is nothing unusual.  I'm even pretty close to having everything unpacked!  Last Saturday I participated in a Monster Garage Sale hosted by out newspaper and held in a building at the Kansas State Fairgrounds.  We had a good time, even though I did spend just over the amount that I sold.

I've had some orders during this 3 weeks as well.  I sold all 3 of the plarn shopping bags I had crocheted.   This means it's time for me to get out my pattern and make some more!  I have loads of bags cut to make the plarn with.

I also sold 4 fabric bags.  Two were in my etsy store, the other 2 were special order.  I have another special order to buy material for today for 3 more fabric bags.  They are by far my most popular seller.

Anyhow....after the garage sale, I sorted books.  I couldn't re-list all of them easily so only 34 are currently listed on homeschoolbuy.  I will get more listed eventually, but after letting everything expire while I was so busy, this is a good start.  I hope you will click over and check it out.  And, if you have any homeschool or homestead items to sell, please give homeschoolbuy a chance.  It's free to list, and I am the only one who currently has anything listed!  Marsha's Homeschoolbuy Items.

I will also direct you to my etsy shop.  I have reposted all inactive items and currently have 47 items in my shop.  Marsha's Etsy Store

While I'm add it, how about checking out my zazzle store as well?  I really need to get busy and get some more items created here.  I really need to make this a goal for this week.  I have saved lots of different photos to make into products there.  Marsha's Zazzle Store

Please join in with abitosunshine as she hosts this blog hop each week.  Just click the button below.  Thanks!
Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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