Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday 2/2/11

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I've been as busy as I can working on sewing on the strips for my quilt and the table runner.
Basically, I feel like I'm still just in a mess, but I am just halfway or a little more from completing the squares.

Other things that I've been working on..........I did make a few dish scrubbies and even a few cross magnets this past week in my "off time".  I completed another fabric bag...probably actually more than just the one, but they all still need to be listed in my etsy store.
We've been on a WIP of finding a house to buy.  We found one that is perfect for us, but got bad news today that the VA is denying, saying he didn't serve enough days.  Now we are trying to go FHA.  I do pray we get it!
I've also been getting things priced and boxed up for the monster garage sale I am doing in March.  I wish I could be packing things to move, but I am holding off on any of that, or any hopes of it, until I know for sure the loan has gone through.

Off I go to pin and sew more of these strips.  Hopefully next weeks photo will show that I have most of the squares sewn together!

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