Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday 2/16/11

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I still have quite a list of what I wanted to get done in crafts before the monster garage sale March 19.  I'm afraid that packing and moving is going to have to put a halt to that!!  Basically, the house can close any day now, which is great and I would love to see it closed and us able to start moving some things over there even if we don't start staying there right away.

I'm still sitting here crocheting dish scrubbies.  I have a lot of white netting.  I think past today and what I can make around my other activities is what is going to end up being in the jar for the sale.
Here is what I have so far:

I ripped out lines on the strip quilt I am working on and this photo was of me in the process of re-sewing.  It looks a lot better.  I am in hopes today yet to get the middle of the quilt sewn on.  I've not decided exactly on the back as I only have 2 sheets to choose from and both are flowery.  I'm also thinking of making the binding.  In other words, once the middle is sewn on, it's being boxed up and won't be worked on again until we are settled in the new house.

I have the back and edging pinned on the table runner.  It's just a matter now of sewing around it.  That won't take long, but I'm kind of anal, and working on the strip quilt until I run out of the thread that is already on and in my machine.

Other WIP's include 2 books I am reading for review......and the mess of organizing and packing for the move.

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