Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge Week 3

Week 2 of the Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge put on by Frugal Follies. You can find her challenge information here.

Here are the rules that I set for myself:
Here are the "rules" I am trying to follow:
1. I can spend no more than $10 out of pocket the whole month.
2. Sales tax does not count in the $10 total.
3. I can start with the $5 in register rewards that I have on hand.
4. I can use any coupons that I can, and they also do not count in the total, as the total is just out of pocket.

If you recall, I was already up to $6.73 of the $10 out of pocket for the month challenge.  I blew that with one week left, but oh well, it's been fun.
This week I bought:
1-Renuzit Fabric Freshner Spray--these are on sale buy 1 for $2.99, get 1 free.  There was only 1 left on the shelf so the manager let me have it for half price--I used $1 coupon making it just .49

1- Reach Total Care Dental Floss--on sale for $2.99, used $1 coupon, got back $2 in RR's.

1-Skintimate Shave Gel--on sale for $2.49, used $1 coupon, got back $1 in RR's.

1-Lysol No Touch Hand Soap Dispenser--$11.99, used $3 coupon and got back $7 in RR's.

2-Tuf paper towels--on sale .49 each with Walgreen's coupons (these were my fillers to be able to use my 2 RR's from the previous week)

I had a total of $14 in coupon savings.

In total before taxes, and after coupons came to $6.94 out of pocket.   This isn't bad at all really, especially since I took home a total of $10 in RR's to use next time.

This brings my total for the month so far, out of pocket, to  $13.67.   Do you think I can maybe just not spend more than $15 OOP instead of $10 with next weeks shopping included?

The Lysol hand soap, paper towels, floss, Renuzit, and Skintimate are all packed in a box to move to our new house.

Steve went with me to Walgreen's as we had just been to the realtor's office down the street signing more papers on the house.  He found them to have laptop caddy trays marked half price.  He knew we each needed one for at our new home.  $12.49 each, or a total of $40.48 with tax for 3 of them.  They are staying in their boxes until we move.  I think they will be very cool to have and use with our laptops and work even better than the tv trays we currently move all over the house with us.

Have a great day, and happy coupon shopping!

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