Thursday, February 17, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 2/17/11

Welcome to the second week of my Squidoo Blog Hop.

A big thank you to those of you who joined us last week.  I hope to see it continue to grow as we support each other.

I really enjoyed reading your blog posts and I even learned a few things.  I read in Louanne's blog post about out links.  I learned that by having outlinks within our lenses, and people clicking on those, it helps the lens rank.  This has me knowing that I need to get back in to a lot of my lenses and see what I can add.

I have a lot to learn about the different modules that are available and just what they do.

I would love to know how to put in a module where others can subscribe by email to my lenses.  Sandy Spider has this, so I get notice in my email when she builds or updates one of her lenses.  She tried to explain to me where she went to find out about putting one in, but it was above my head.

I think I am going to continue this week with sharing lenses that are on the bottom of my list as far as lensrank.  This gives them a boost up.

Last week I shared Our Unschooling Journey- 4---This week it's Our Unschooling Journey 3 that sits at the bottom of my list on lensrank.   This was part 3 of our attempt to unschool.  These lenses are great memories for me.  I love looking back at them and the photos I shared of Jasmine doing various things.

The second one up from the bottom in lensrank is Homeschoolbuy, however, my auctions there are in a mess and won't be fixed until after we move into our new house...and probably not until after I do the monster garage sale and I'm putting any books I don't sell there back on the shelf.  So, I'm going to skip that one.

Next is Naruto.   This is a lens that I built dedicated to my youngest daughter (who is now 14).  I did some updating to this lens today, adding another amazon module and flickr photos.  I did part 1 of the characters making the characters names in bold.  Left the rest for another day.  Enjoy!

Speaking of a boost up....I am a squidoo angel in the books category.  If you have reviews or other book related lenses, I would love to take a look at them.  If you would like, please share the URL in the comments section.

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