Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday!! 1/22/11

Welcome to Shop Hop Saturday, hosted by abitosunshine!  Please click the button at the bottom of my post to join in and/or look around at what others are sharing.

I made myself a goal this week to complete 2 fabric bags and to complete the current toothbrush rug I was working on.  I did make that goal!  
I have 5 more fabric bags in the works and yesterday rounded up material to make 3 more!  I'm in the bag business.

One of my other all time goals is to work at least a bit each day on my quilting.  I've kept up with that goal.  It will be awhile before I complete another quilt, but always in the works.  I am wanting to try my hand at making some quilted table runners as well.

In the mix of having 4 grandkids over last weekend I had lost my printed out paper on what I currently have listed at homeschoolbuy.  I found the paper yesterday, so have worked some in there.  It's still going to take me some time to go through pages and pages of listings and get what isn't currently listes re-listed.  Yep, one of those kick yourself for not keeping up on because you have to work 10 times harder in the end.  You can see what I currently have for sale here.

Now, here is the list of items I got put into my etsy store today:
Groovy Fabric bag

Soft Pink Butterfly Fabric Bag

Toothbrush Rug

I will have a couple more bags listed by next Saturday in different patterns.  I do have some pattern repeats to make as well as one bag that is already listed, but not complete yet.  As I said...I'm in the bag business. below and hop on over and join us!

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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