Monday, November 22, 2010

Mailbox Monday's

Good Monday Morning!  Time to share the freebies that came in the mail last week.  In conjunction with, please click the button at the bottom of my post and join in the fun, or check out what others have gotten free.

I had a good mail week!
I rec'd:
Tom's of Maine trial size toothpaste
Sports Illustrated magazine
Dove Ultimate deoderant trial size
coupon train
Newsweek magazine (Jasmine gets this free)
Adopted Ed book from One2One Network to read and review
Postcard from Connecticut
Postcard from Delaware
Tide with acti-lift sample with $1 Target coupon
Glad Odor Shield tall kitchen bag sample with $1 Target coupon
Forbes magazine (another Jasmine gets free)
2 Time magazines
Entertainment Weekly magazine
2 other pieces of hausernet mail
cash for a craft order
$10 Walgreen's gift card from mypoints

In my email:
$20 paypal from gather
$7.32 paypal from squidoo
$3.94 paypal from neobux
payment for a craft order to paypal

I forgot some of the items in my photo.

Frugal Friend
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