Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Frugal Christmas 2010 Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my frugal Christmas this year.

By accident I had discovered making the fabric bags when someone contacted me asking if I could make them.  From there it blossomed to me making one for each of 5 grandchildren for their birthdays this year.  Filled with goodies of course.

I decided that for Christmas I would make my other 2 grandchildren, as well as my niece and nephew each one as well.

Below is the photo of just the bags--Thomas for my 3 yr old grandson, Cash--Scooby Doo for my 9 yr old grandson, Tristian---pink and brown sparkly for my 11 yr old niece---and KU for my 16 yr old nephew.

Below is the photo with the contents in each.  I now have these wrapped and ready to go.

 I'm not sure how well you can see, but the body wash and body spray I had gotten at Walgreen's using coupons and receiving back full price in register rewards.  The deoderant was part of a sale and coupon deal at the grocery store  and I paid just 5 cents for it.

My 9 yr old grandson is getting the same school supplies that the other are getting in a box, just inside his bag instead.

My niece is getting a Teddy Bear that I paid $1.79 for at a close-out store, body spray I paid $1 for, a ruler that was 5 cents, and body wash that I just paid sales tax on after sale and coupon.

My 3 yr old grandson is getting 2 tray puzzles and an activity book boubht at Walgreen's 3 for $1.  Another activity book I paid 25 cents for on clearance.  A box of crayons that I paid 25 cents or less for and a Tonka tractor that I paid .50 for at a yard sale.

As far as the bags....each takes 1/2 a yard of material.  The most expensive was the KU licensed material at $3 plus.  The Scooby Doo was $2.24 and the brown and pink was $2.22.  The Thomas material was given to me by a gal at church.

I strive on finding bargains, and I love making home made Christmas gifts.  These fulfill both!

Part 4 will be the hot pads I am almost done with!  Stay Tuned!
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