Monday, December 13, 2010

My Frugal Christmas 2010 Part 2

Part 1 were boxes for the kids.  Part 2 are boxes that adults get from me.

Any of you that follow me know that I shop Walgreen's all throughout the year getting good deals with register rewards and coupons.  A lot of what Walgreen's offers are health and beauty aids.  All of my adult children, and their boyfriends and girlfriend expect a health and beauty aid box from me.  This year they are even fuller than usual.

Each of the men get a body wash, a razor a deoderant and dental floss this year.  Each woman gets a razor, or package of razors, deoderant, dental floss, a bar of Neutrogena face soap and a body wash.
For the men other things are mixed in...the box in the photo has shave gel, where another box has body spray.  For the women some get lip balms or gloss and body spray, some just the lip or spray.  

As I said in Part 1, I didn't keep track of what I paid as I should.  I do know that I only paid sales tax after sale and coupon for each of the dental floss (7 cents)  The Right Guard deoderants for the guys only cost me 5 cents each plus the sales tax after sale and coupons.
Some of the body washes are the same....just sales tax.   The majority of the rest I used a coupon for in conjunction with getting full price, or close to it back in register rewards.

Stay tuned for Part 3

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