Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  It's time to share WIP's (works in progress) in conjunction with Every Day Crochet.  Please click the button at the bottom to join in on the fun.

Your WIP doesn't have to be crafts, it can be anything!

I didn't get much more done on the rug, but it is almost done.  I got nothing more done on the hot pads I am making for Christmas.  And, I didn't get material cut for my next quilt like I wanted to either.  I have orders I've been working on, including one that is a barter.  I made 2 crocheted headbands and a crocheted ear warmer in trade for tart melts. (not pictured)

 See the mess of netting on my desk?  I've been in the midst of making 10 dishscrubbies for a friend's order, 3 for another order, and have 6 yet to make for another order.  I'm also trying to get as many made in advance as I can to have a bunch for sale at the monster garage sale.
 This is as far as I've gotten on one order, and that was buying the material and netting for this order of scrubbies and fabric bags.  I will get the bags all pinned today and ready to sew.
 My daughter got a job with hours that makes me have to get the kids to school each morning.  This is going to take me some getting used to.  For one thing it means crawling out of bed almost 2 hours earlier than I have been!  It also means time away from home as well.  Wish me luck with it.

I am still in the process of finishing up that book to review.  Almost done reading it.  I also have an ebook to read that will be given away on my blog soon. 

Busy Busy Busy....seems there is no other way for me.

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