Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to WIP Wednesday, hosted by Everyday Crochet.   Please click the button at the bottom on my post to post your own to her linky, or to click over and see what others have as WIP's.(work in progress)

Your WIP doesn't have to be craft related, it can be a book you are writing, landscaping you are doing, re-modeling, or anything.  Jump in and join the fun.  The linky stays up for a full week.

My first attempt at the toothbrush rug is bowing up.  I looked up how to online and found that I was putting my 2 extra stitches in the wrong places.  I will finish the one below and it will become a cushion for my chair.

I started on another toothbrush rug, this time made with t-shirts I had cut when I went through my t-shirt purse stage.  The strips are a little thin, so next time I will make them wider.  It is also bowing some, but not too bad.  I have a you think that making doll or Barbie rugs would be marketable?  I could make them about the same size, or a little smaller than what I have completed so far in the photo below.

I've done a little more work on the prayer shawl, still not even ready to switch to my 2nd color.  It will be a WIP for some time.

I didn't get anything more done on my strip quilt, but truly in hopes of getting the back on it this week.  I am on the lookout for zippers to finish up the strip quilt pillows I pictured a few weeks ago.

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