Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elmer's CraftBond and X-Acto Designer Series Review (for bzzagent)

It's so exciting to get a bzz campaign from anytime.  This campaign I am particularly excited about as a crafter.   Along with my own crafts, I have a crafty teenager that I homeschool, and she loves doing projects.

(I've done a gather post review with photos as Jasmine works on a project using the Elmer's CraftBond and X-Acto Designer Series products.  I hope you will click over and check it out:  )

Project With the Elmer's CraftBond and X-Acto Crafting Products (Bzzagent review and photo essay)

Below is a photo of all the products I rec'd in my bzz kit:
Elmer's CraftBond All Purpose Glue Stick, Permanent Tape Runner, Clear Glue Pen and assortment of sticky spots.  I also received 2 pairs of X-Acto Designer Series Scissors; Zig Zag decorative edge and Scalloped decorative edge, as well as a Corner Rounder Punch.

Now, let's review them!

Jasmine liked the Permanent Tape Runner the best over all the sticking stuff.  She even found she could round it and make a circle while gluing things down.  It's sure a neat product.  I can see using it for making gift wrapping super easy too.

I like the Designer Series Scissors.  I have a set of scissors such as this already, but they are small.  The larger ones like those in my kit were much easier to use since they could do a longer cut.

The Elmer's CraftBond glue stick is just like any other glue stick that you buy for school supplies.  However, I found that it has a tougher hold.  We are putting together trivia cards where we are gluing pieces together, then laminating them, and the papers held together much better with the glue stick provided in my kit.

The Double Sided Glue Pen is really nice.  One side as a wider flat strip of glue.  The other side makes a thin line of glue.   The downfall we found with it is that it leaves bumps on thin paper where the glue is.
 The Corner Rounder Punch is really nice!  It rounds the corners very nicely.  Jasmine messed with is on lots of papers.  She discovered that if she folded the paper in half and used it, it then opened up very nicely.  She made grandma a birthday card on cardstock using the tool.   I wish I had gotten a photo of it.  We did find that the Corner Rounder Punch does not work on super thin paper, like magazine pages.

 The Sticky Spots are very useful!  We are collecting postcards from all the states and putting them on cardstock in page protectors, inside of a lapbook.  It was so much easier using the thin sticky dots, just one on the back of a postcard to put it into the book.
We also found that the thicker sticky dots in the package work great for hanging up posters.  We live in a basement.  As homeschoolers, we have a lot of educational posters, but have not been able to hang them up on the concrete walls.  The thicker sticky spots worked wonderful, as you can see from the photo below:

 I hope you have enjoyed my review  :)

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