Saturday, May 22, 2010

Resolutions Journal Week 16--May 15-21

Week 16 Accomplishments:  May 15-May 21

Updated my homeschoolbuy auctions.

Sewed quilt squares and completed the top for the baby quilt I am making.

Sewed more of the fabric totes and have finished the order for 12.

Updated Our Unschooling Journal and Guns N Roses,  squidoo lenses.

Wrote my book review of Hollywood Station.

Read in my current book, Evan's Castle.

I got another quilt listed for sale in my blujay store.

Started making cross magnets that I am donating to the craft table at our church yard sale.

I have given up on the use exercise equipment regularly as one of my goals.  I'm sure you've noticed it's not been in my accomplishments for weeks now!

I didn't do well with my squidoo lenses this week.  I don't really have a reason for this since I have been in squidoo quite a lot this past week looking at others lenses.

Until next week,
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