Monday, May 17, 2010

My Frugal Week May 9-15

I pretty well failed this past week in trying to be frugal:

One night 2 who eat were late for supper.  By the time they got here and got done eating, my mind was no longer on supper.  It was almost midnight before I walked in to the kitchen again.....wasted: beef with gravy, mashed potatoes and peas  :(   All that could have been frozen.

I also failed at trying to save the seeds out of the orange, red and yellow peppers we had sliced for Mother's Day.  I put them into separate bags to get them laid out to dry later.  It wasn't until Friday that I wonder what was squishy in my jacket pocket.  Oh the trash they had to go!

I have still been using the second hand etc, larger bags for trashbags, but the last one of those is in the can now.  That means I do need to stop at the dollar store and buy a box of bags.  I do have $1 and some change left in my wallet after cashing a $5 refund check that came in the mail today.  The rest of it I spent to buy a few stamps.

I did my Walgreen's shopping on Mother's Day.  I'm happy with it!

One frugal thing I did this week was to use the backs of paper I had already printed, but no longer needed, when printing out things for Jasmine's 50 States Lapbook.   We aren't short on paper, but I sure can't see wasting it.

I hope to have better things to report next Monday.

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