Monday, May 24, 2010

My Frugal Week May 16-22 (and a question for all)

I did find another large store bag to use for the trashcan before having to buy trashbags, but I found something out.
I've been always buying my trashbags at Dollar General for $1 for 10 of them.
I found out that I can get 15 bags in the black and white label at the grocery store (Dillon's) for just .88!   This will save me several cents throughout the year, and the gas money from driving to the dollar store too.

I did my Walgreen's Shopping on the 16th.

I had a nice coupon grocery shopping trip on the 21st.

I dried and have saved the seeds from a green bell pepper and a red bell pepper.  I really want to try starting the seeds in the house early next year.

I was able to do some yard sale shopping and I loved it!!  Steve's sister gave me $20 for my shopping for helping to get the veggie garden completely weeded.
I was able to get a sheet, a sheet set and quilt batting (used for my quilting), a box of embroidery thread with kits in the box too (thread is for Jasmine to make friendship bracelets with, the kits are going on listia), a vase, silk flowers, pinecone candles (all to help decorate around here)  4 shirts, 2 books (sign language and fairy tales), a belt, googly eyes, a table cloth (new in package), set of wheels for a chair, muffin tin.....and probably other things that are slipping my mind right now.  Oh yes, 2 jars of buttons that we will use for crafting as well.
I only spent $13.80 of the $20 too!

Now here is my question for this post.  Do you think that going and getting commodity foods is frugal, or is it accepting charity??
Every 3 months I can go get government commodity foods at the Salvation Army.  I try not to miss it.  Not because I want a hand out, but because I want to save that much money on our food bill!
Here is what I got last time I went:
3 cans green beans
3 cans mixed vegetables
3 bags of powdered milk
3 boxes of shelf stable milk
3 jars of peanut butter
1 box of Corn Flakes
3 cans of pork
3 cans of beef
4 cans of chicken
3 cans of fruit cocktail
3 cans of apricots
3 bags of rotini wheat pasta
3 cans of orange juice

As you can see from the list, it was a large variety, covered the 5 food groups pretty well, and will serve a lot of dinners.
They don't ask you for proof of income when you go in.  You do have to stand in a long line and bring your own boxes.  I try not to miss is each 3 months, and it's a world of help on having food in the house.

What do you think?
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