Friday, April 16, 2010

Resolutions Journal Week 11--April 10--April 16

As a reminder:

My resolutions for this year include:

1. Using the exercise equipment we have on a regular basis.

2. Reading whenever I get a chance so that I can do more book reviews and in turn turn those book reviews into squidoo lenses.

3. Getting back to my online business. As a whole I call it Gifts Galore and More, but includes everything that I do online to earn money.
I will be updating or building a new squidoo lens each day, working on getting crafts made and listed for sale, getting more books listed for sale, etc.

4. Getting my blog back going again.

Week 11 Accomplishments: April 10-April 16

Started reading my next book, Evan's Castle

Started reading another book, Hollywood Station. I figure I can try to make time to read one at home, and the other keep in my purse for reading while I'm out, and hopefully get more books read that way.

Listed a boatload of books and a set of 6 Little Girls Bracelets in rainbow colors in my blujay store.

I completed the quilt I was working on and it is also listed in my blujay store.

Added to and updated my homeschoolbuy auctions.

Updated Side Tracked Home Executives, 4 Weeks to Healthy Digestion, My First Quilt, Forever, Blankets for Christmas, Our Garden 2010, My Favorite Childhood Toys, Earn Money Online, Helen Steiner Rice, and Living in the 80's squidoo lenses.

I also started to become active on redgage. I'm having a good time and adding friends everyday. But, having a hard time understanding just how you import, or auto import.
I got a referral and won $25 in the daily drawing!
I am marsha32 there if you are a member and want to connect....or if you would like to join, you can put that in as who sent you.

As you can see, I've made it 2 weeks going pretty strong working on my squidoo lenses, although I didn't get one built this week like I wanted to.
I'm also keeping my blog going very well as well.

Have an awesome week until my check next Friday night!
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