Monday, April 19, 2010

My Current Listia Auctions

Little Girls Bracelets

Curious George Bookmarks--Set of 2

Dinosaur Bookmarks--Set of 5

Inspirational Bookmarks--Set of 5

If you aren't a member of Listia yet, please join.
Bid on items with points! Lots of ways to earn points, even without listing anything of your own up for auction.
If you do list an item, the choice is yours as to whether you offer free shipping, or ask for shipping. I like this feature.
100 pts minimum just for signing up....and many things to be won (with free shipping) for under 100 pts!!

I recently won 3 packages of bias tape that I will use in my quilt making and a 101 Dalmations small toy that will be uses as part of a Christmas gift.

Auctions for free stuff at

I also have the Listia widget on my sidebar that will list 3 of what I have listed at all times.
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