Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Morning!

I want to get back into my blogging. Yes, I've said that many times over the past 7 months.
Moving changed a lot of things for me....most, not for the better.

I've been working on getting my online "businesses" back in order.

I've been adding new products to my blujay store

I've been buiding more squidoo lenses and updating at least one each day. The latest one I've built is Owl City

I'm still plugging away at gather! I love gather as it is my highest earner each month still. I'm having fun posting daily Quips and Quotes throughout the week. I'm also still posting my shopping trips. I'm keeping up with both of my groups... ~3,000 Here We Come!~ and my newest group Colors Colors Colors, where I choose a new color to feature for the group members to post on each week.

I've been adding more books here and there to my homeschoolbuy auctions as well.

I printed off some recycled craft crochet patterns. I'm wanting to really get back to business with getting crafts made!

that's it for now :) Have a great Tuesday!
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