Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Challenge on Gather

Gather has a new challenge that's started.
We are to share our Resolutions and post a Resolutions Journal weekly for 5 weeks on how we are doing with them.

I'm excited. I'm one of those who loves incentive. Since reading about the challenge I have worked harder on my resolutions. I am keeping track of what I am accomplishing in notepad.

Below are my resolutions....make note that one of them is to get back into my blogging here!

My resolutions for this year include:

1. Using the exercise equipment we have on a regular basis.

2. Reading whenever I get a chance so that I can do more book reviews and in turn turn those book reviews into squidoo lenses.

3. Getting back to my online business. As a whole I call it Gifts Galore and More, but includes everything that I do online to earn money.
I will be updating or building a new squidoo lens each day, working on getting crafts made and listed for sale, getting more books listed for sale, etc.

4. Getting my blog back going again.

Have a great day! I'm heading in to work on a quilt that I am making for church.
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