Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 Announcements--Please Read :)

I woke up this morning to the Freebie Force International infomercial on tv. It got me excited.

I know a lot of you send for freebies all the time. Why not join freebie force and have them all nicely there for you on one site? They offer coupons to print, refunds to print, all sorts of things to send off for free from samples, to small and even large items that you can get FREE! And, not only do they list online freebies, but they inform you of offline freebies as well. For example, they let you know when Lowe's was having customer appreciation day and you could go and get both breakfast and lunch free, and when McDonalds offered the free chicken sandwiches.

I hope you will click over to my website and watch the videos! It's well worth the time for the freebies alone, but add in the opportunity for residual income with a 5x7 spillover matrix and you really can't go wrong. (and remember, you can pre-enroll free to check it out)

Secondly, I received this notice in my email from boomertowne this morning!

BoomerTowne Points Prize Changes

Beginning June 1, points values for BoomerTowne Points prizes will increase. But the change won’t affect existing or new citizens who sign up before June 1. After June 1, existing BoomerTowne citizens will be able to continue redeeming points according to current prize values*. So make sure your friends and referrals sign up before the June changes take effect.

So, please, if you would like to join in on all the fun at boomertowne, please send me an email and let me send you a referral email. My email is It will mean a lot to me and my family and it will benefit you as well!

Last but not least today. My ebay listing for today is a great set of Math In My World 5th grade workbooks. A lot of 5 of them!

Thanks for your time to read today, I know that time is precious to all of us :)


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