Thursday, June 7, 2018

Scratch & Create With Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals

Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals is a Scratch & Create book by Marisa Redondo.

This book features 20 decorative and inspirational illustrations to choose from to scratch and draw.   You will find rabbits, owls, foxes, bears, and other wild life.   All are created with simple lines and shapes.   Each page is also perforated so that it's easily removed from the book to work on if you choose, and to display once your picture is complete.

Simply follow the illustrations using the stylus that comes with the book.  The stylus has a line side and a tapered end to scratch larger areas.   I found the surface to scratch off very easily.  What fun to see the picture and the color appear on the page!

I started out with the simplest of the illustrations.  I am no artist, but this is so much fun and hey, I'm not doing half bad with it either!

My daughter chose to do this bear.  You can see that she chose to do some of her own designs instead of following the illustration exactly, which is just part of the fun of this book!

I look forward to finishing my picture and giving a try at another in the book.  I also look forward to sharing the book with my grandchildren as they come over.  The teens will love this concept of art.

If you, or someone you know enjoys drawing, I highly recommend this book!

Also available:  Scratch & Create Folk Art Flowers.


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