Friday, March 16, 2018

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Freebies, Earnings, and More

Let's start with free candy!  You know I love my sweets.  This week's Friday Freebie with Kroger is an Oreo candy bar.  These are really good too!

Free Oreo Milka Chocolate Candy Bar for Kroger & Affiliates

I'm going to move right on to Recyclebank.  They have a good thing right now, and that is for every person you get to sign up that verifies, you will receive a $5 Target gift card.   If you aren't a member, I hope you will check it out using my link highlighted above.
Here is your free point listings for this week too.

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

Do you have your YesWay Rewards card?  I got one in the mail some time back and never did anything with it.   Don't be like me!   You earn one Smile just for registering for your card.
Then, you earn 10 points for every dollar spent and every 250 points earn you one Smile.
Oh my!  You can redeem ONE smile for lots of different things like a donut, a cup of coffee, fountain drink, small bag of chips, regular size candy bar, bottle of water, roller food item, and more!
Or, you can save your smiles for other things.  TWO smiles can get you (free) things such as Powerade, King Size candy bar, breakfast burrito and/or chicken biscuit.   Save them up even more to redeem for free coffee or fountain mugs, xxxl chips, or Red Bull.
It's really a great deal---PLUS  the first time you put gas in your vehicle after registering for a card, you get 10 cents off per gallon of gas too.
Thumbs up!

For my online and app earnings rec'd this past week.....

**$25 amazon from Swagbucks 
**$2 to my Perk Plastik card from PerkTV  (use code 860efbf6 for bonus points for signing up)
**$27.36 check from Inboxdollars
**$2.43 from Promoslice --  This is a site where traffic exchange owners go in together to offer promos.  Most all of them have 1 or 2 "grand" prizes and then an amount that is shared between each entry.  I really enjoy doing these knowing that I am guaranteed something extra over what I am earning at the exchanges as well.  However, there are a LOT of exchanges that take part and most of you (my readers) don't want to be like me and join hundreds of exchanges to take part in these promos.  I love it, but it's not for everyone.
**$9.26 PayPal (after fees) from the Watch4Dollar app.  This was a long time coming, over a month.  They posted of being behind due to so many cash ins.  I'm glad they did pay, this is my 2nd payment from them.  If you would like to give them a try, please put in the code W4D4AFC8 so that I receive credit.
**$3 amazon from mypoints

  Save $2.00 on any ONE (1) ORE-IDA Breakfast Bake Product (40 oz.)

  Save $1.00 on any two (2) JUST CRACK AN EGG products

  Save $0.40 on any TWO (2) Campbell's® Condensed soups

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